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DIY Loo Roll Toys for Small Pets!

Toys from pet shops can be expensive and sometimes not worth the money. Here are some fun, easy and cheap toys that you can make yourself for your furry friend to enjoy!

  1. The Twister

This one is really easy to make. Take one toilet roll and cut it into circles. You should aim to cut at least five circles from one toilet roll.

The twister 2

Next step is to begin layering them on top of each other to make a ball. Check out the pictures if you need a bit of help.

The twister 3

And there you go! Your first easy puzzle toy is made. Just push a few seeds or treats into the ball and watch your pet figure out how to get inside to the prize.

The twister 4

  1. The Cracker.

We all love Christmas crackers right? Well why can’t our pets love them too? The Cracker is very easy to do and only needs a little bit of wrapping paper. This can be birthday paper, Christmas paper, or any other kind of fun pattern you like. You could even draw your own pattern on paper with pet safe pens.

The cracker 2

Remember to test the paper before you use it to make sure that the ink does not run. If it does run, don’t use it! The ink could hurt your pet.

The cracker 3

Wrap your loo roll up in the wrapping paper and twist both ends to make it look like a Christmas cracker. No tape or glue needed! If you stick a couple of smelly treats inside, your pet will go absolutely crackers for it.

The cracker 5


  1. Folded Loo Roll

Just like The Twister, this one is another puzzle treat. Take your loo roll and snip several lines into each end, just like in the picture. Each strip should be about 2 cm apart.

Folded loo roll 1

Next, fold the strips inwards until you have a cool spiral effect! Leave one end open so you can put some snacks inside, and then close up that end and Ta-da! One awesome puzzle toy for your furry buddy.

Folded loo roll 2

TIP: Try poking a hole in the middle of it so that your pet can smell the treats!


  1. Tunnels

Most small pets love tunnels, especially hamsters and rats! If you cannot afford to buy those cool tunnels from pet shops, then try to make your own! Note that these tunnels are best suited for small pets, like Roborovski hamsters and Dwarf hamsters, because toilet rolls are quite small and you don’t want to risk your pet getting stuck.


Step one is to get your loo rolls all set up. You can have as many as you like! The more the merrier. Put one end of a loo roll in the middle of another loo roll, and see if you can trace a circle into the middle of the loo roll using a pencil.

Tunnels 4

Once you have a circle, cut it out carefully with scissors and push the first toilet roll into the hole. And there you go! Your first tunnel system for your little friend. Add more tunnels, make it huge, and don’t forget to add holes with a sharp pencil here and there so that they can breathe easily while playing.


  1. Treat Dispenser

This one needs four toilet rolls and a handful of your pet’s favourite treats. Take three of the loo rolls and squish them into random shapes like the picture shows.

Treat dispenser 1

Next, push these three squished tubes into the fourth toilet roll, and let them expand to fill the space. If the spaces are too big, then add another squished loo roll just to make it a bit tighter.

Treat dispenser 4

And there you go! Push your treats into the gaps in the card and let your pet have at it.

Treat dispenser 3


Those are our five top DIY loo roll toys for your pet, perfect for when you’re on a budget and need to provide something new for your furry friends to play with. Oh, and they’re eco-friendly and provide something for your pet to chew on!


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