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Meet the hamster previously known as Luna

This WAS Luna!





Profile: Luna is a lovely girly with beautiful long hair. She loves to explore her surroundings and takes her time to get used to new people. She is super easy to tame and trusts very easily, but still gets spooked if you move too quickly.

Age: Unknown

Species: Long Haired Syrian Hamster

Gotcha Day: 28th April 2017

Backstory: Luna was bought from a local pet shop the day she came in. I knew I wanted her from the second I saw her and broke my own ‘NO MORE HAMSTERS!” rule just to get her. She stayed in a bin cage until I could afford her shiny new cage, and now she lives happily with a huge 28-inch wheel, tons of space, and loads to chew on. Oh, and taming is going very well!


EDIT: Recently I discovered that Luna is actually a male. His new name is Lupin! Welcome Lupin!

Luna cake.jpg


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