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Meet Ruben!

This is Ruben!


Profile: Ruben is a little terror of a hamster who loves to snatch treats from his mum and run around like a mad-man. Ruben enjoys spending his nights running on his wheel and going insane when his mum gives him sunflower seeds.

Age: 1 year

Sex: Male

Species: Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Gotcha day: 27th August 2016

Backstory: Ruben was bought by a lovely lady for her ten-year-old daughter, who unfortunately lost interest in him. He used to be named Piglet, and came to me when he was 6-months-old. Ruben was in an okay cage bought from pets at home, but now lives in a huge cage converted from a DIY bookshelf from IKEA.

Taming: Currently Ruben has been in taming training for about 6-7 months. He was very nervous and skittish when we first got him and has come out of his shell magnificently. Now he’s a little character who won’t hesitate to jump into my hand and steal all the treats he can. Ruben is still nervous when I lift my hand out of the cage, and tends to jump from heights. Because of this we use a jar to transfer him into his playpen when its cage clean time. Hopefully one day he will be able to enjoy a cuddle from his doting mum!



Ruben and millet

Enjoying some millet spray



Ruben in block

First night in his new home




Ruben in a playpen while his cage is cleaned out






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