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Meet Justice!

This is Justice!


Profile: Justice likes to hide in her room like a sulky teenager most of the time, but when she comes out to explore she does it in her own time. She likes to attempt to climb things she’s not allowed to climb and gives her dad a heart attack when she does manage to climb things.

Age: 2 (ish)

Species: Leopard Gecko

Gotcha Day: 4th September 2016

Morph: Rainwater Albino (Possibly)

Backstory: Zackary Green bought Justice from a local exotic pet shop in Stoke-on-Trent where she was kept in a lovely vivarium in good conditions. Now she has an equally large vivarium and gets plenty of mealworms whenever she likes.



Lovely lady chillin’ in her food bowl




Justice with her dad, Zackary green





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